Learn to Fix Your Own Bikes

Not all cyclists know how to fix their own bike. Despite having a full set of tools does not guarantee the cyclists can fix their own bike, even for the simplest.

Based on this fact, then halted now let's learn how to fix their own bike as an Independent, without us having to bother to go to the workshop, and can improve the bike at home.

If during the workshop as cyclists always rely on his bicycle repair solutions, in this short course cyclists should be able to do it alone. The course starts from the most simple such as changing tires, adjust brakes, derailleur set up.

Bicycles are not foreign to us, had a lot of people who have it. But very few people who could care much less fix it if there is damage. For many ordinary bicycle repair shop that can handle it, for a mountain bike not everyone can handle it.

Here are guidelines on how to maintain and repair their own bikes. Complete with a guide book and video step by step care and repair all types of bikes.

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